What Women Are Saying

Read what women are saying about the book and the processes and activities included within it:

“What a wonderful journey I’ve just had reading this book. The book is overflowing with so much love, encouragement, wonderful advice, kind words, great exercises and wonderful human stories. I felt so empowered being a woman and fortunate as well. I had a particularly meaningful experience using the breathing techniques one day when I was feeling quite uneasy about something. It helped calm me down and took me to a more relaxed place. It was wonderful. Thank you. Additionally, I loved the women’s stories. They were so rich with insight and interest. I know that this book will be a great tool and source of empowerment to so many women.”

– Marian Hamilton, founder, The Ken Hamilton Caregivers Center, Northern Westchester Hospital


“I love this book! It is thoughtful, very readable, down-to-earth, and extremely helpful to women at all stages of their lives. In addition to being an eye-opening book and a comfort for individual women, it will be an invaluable resource for coaches and counselors who work with women. The authors have given us a real gift.”

– Sara B. Hart, PhD, health coach, life coach, and member of world- wide faculty for Time To Think, Inc.


“Stand, Flow, Shine: Caring for the Woman Within is a warm, engaging guide to self-care for women. It is a helpful reminder of the importance of nurturing ourselves, and has practical suggestions for doing so. I highly recommend this lovely book to women committed to living life fully, and with an open heart.”

∼ Susanne F. Fincher, art therapist and author of  “Creating Mandalas: For Insight, Healing, and Self-Expression”

“Judith and Marilyn have created a truly beautiful book filled with great information, practices and insights that assist each of us in being caretakers of our whole Self. As women, taking good care of ourselves is a benefit to everyone around us. This is a guide book to strengthen, support and celebrate all of who we are in our complex lives.”

∼ Lucky Sweeny, evolutionary life coach and author of “Conscious Choices, An Evolutionary Woman’s Guide to Life”


“Brilliant book released with divine timing! In reading the beautiful, powerful words of the authors, we are reminded to take care of our precious body∼mind∼soul. They shine a light on why we forget about our own self-care. Then, through the sharing of their personal life journeys, Marilyn and Judith gently guide us to open hearted, simple exercises, tools and resources with the wisdom only obtained through experience. Enjoy the book.”
∼ Andrea Hylen, founder of Heal My Voice, a non-profit organization offering support to women and girls


“This book offers a wide variety of helpful ways for women to feel strong, gentle, and connected. The approach of uncovering women’s inner strengths and possibilities with different techniques can be used by women from all different cultures and countries. It is wonderful to see how the authors brought together their personal experiences and professional skills in a dedicated and creative way.”

∼ Caja Schuurman, psychologist and psychotherapist, Netherlands Area Director of Zonta International, a world-wide women’s advocacy organization


“What a welcome, timely book from two lovely, grounded healers! Take some time to reconnect with your most authentic self with this gentle sweet guidance using nature and story as teacher. Reconnecting with ourselves as women is a gift to all without exception and just what the world needs! Every word, exercise and narrative is deeply rooted in love, flowing with joy and shining with new possibility for each of us. I feel as if I have been hugged!”

∼ Gina L. Sager, MD, teacher of mindfulness based stress reduction, yoga, and yoga nidra


“Reading this powerful book has been an insightful and joyful walk through life fully lived. Using natural imagery and personal experience are compelling ways to understand and embrace what-ever life teaches us. It is a warm and helpful reminder of how best to use one’s self, creativity, and experience to maintain a sense of balance.”

∼ Terry Dalsemer, retired psychotherapist and facilitator of support groups for seniors


“The practices shared in these pages are powerful tools to support living a life of radiance and flow. There is magic in opening to a new way of seeing ourselves; it lives in the opportunity to establish new life-serving practices. When insight and practice come together, it does change everything. Everything. May you shine.”

∼ Heather Johnson, associate director, Whidbey Institute for Leadership Transformation, Community Vitality, and Sustainable Action


“Self-care is a tricky topic in a world where it is still often considered a virtue to put others before self. You must have before you can give and self-care is key. Discipline, at least initially, is required to get that self-care ball rolling and sustained. Both Judith and Marilyn are skilled in a very special kind of way, as mentors; their sincerity vibrates off the pages. This book is a generous offering from two seasoned, soulful, and very humane beings. Thank you!”

∼ Pamela Sackett, Emotion Literacy Advocates’ Founding Artist and author of “Speak of the Ghost”