Watch, Move & Play

Here are five instructional videos that teach you the cooperative games and simple movements described in the book, Stand, Flow, Shine.

The movements are inspired by both tai chi and yoga exercises. As you watch the video below, try the movements yourself. You will also find written instructions in the book.

The games are for groups of any age and are a fun way to build connections and practice cooperation. Watch the videos first to understand how to play the games. Refer to the written instructions in the book as needed. Then, gather a small group of  people to play the games.

“Stand, Flow, Shine” Introduction Movement

An introduction to the Stand, Flow, Shine processes. Feel free to follow along with the movements, and enjoy their  nourishing effect in your own body.

Watch The Introductory Video


Easy Flow Movement

This set of movements are wonderful, gentle stretches, good for waking up in the morning, feeling strong, finding focus and increasing energy during the day when you need a pick-me-up. Remember: even taking some slow, easy breaths can bring you back to a state of balance and ease.

Watch The Easy Flow Video


Energizing Flow Movement

This is a quick set of two movements that can increase your energy and provide you with a feeling of empowerment and groundedness. Simple and effective.

Watch The Energizing Flow Video


Spaghetti Knots Game

Here is a fun physical metaphor to help you with the knots we tend to get ourselves into during our days. This process helps you to notice the knots we get into and how important it is to untie these knots and help others to untie them, too.

Watch The Spaghetti Knots Video


Group Juggle Game

This game is a fun way to learn to juggle with a group of friends. We all juggle in our busy lives. Some times we drop the ball and sometimes we somehow get it all done. This game takes concentration and cooperation, and it is a lot of fun.

Watch The Group Juggle Video


Also, be sure to Listen, Breathe & Ease using our guided relaxations and meditations.