The Book

Stand, Flow, Shine: Caring for the Woman Within is a unique and inviting self-care book. It reveals to you:

  • Why self-care is important (you are the best one to care for you!);
  • How it is that women often do not take good care of themselves (who has time when there are others who come first?);
  • How to start the journey of self-care (easy and quick moments to grab for yourself); and
  • How to maintain your self-care throughout your life (as you are inspired by other women’s insights, sprinkled throughout the book).

Through clear, detailed practices for both individuals and groups, you can pick and choose just what fits for you as you walk the path of your self-care journey. Or if you prefer, you can follow step-by-step self-care plans for when you are:

  • Feeling stressed;
  • Having a hard time finding time for you;
  • Needing to build your confidence; and
  • Generally feeling stuck and wanting to move forward.

There is a bonus section (think DVD ‘special features’) of “Women’s Stories” from the authors’ interviews with a diverse sampling of women. As you read them, you may be inspired to interview a friend and share that interview with the SFS Community of women who:

Stand tall like the tree….Flow like the river…..and Shine like the sun!

Take these cues from nature and cues from the personal life stories and experiences of other women, so that you, too, can stand tall and steady and feel your roots like a sturdy tree. You will flow with what life brings you like the changing flow of a river. And, as you come into a stronger sense of who you are, you will relax and deepen into your own being, the woman within you, shining like the sun from the inside out.