About Us

Two friends who wanted to actively encourage women to take better care of themselves decided to give workshops for women. These workshops, “Celebrating Women’s Journey”, have now evolved into new forms including this book. Having nurtured this project through five years of gestation, the authors are so very pleased to present the book, videos, and audio recordings for you. It is their hope that this book will touch many women’s lives helping them to step onto the self-care journey path.

Marilyn Clark

Marilyn F. Clark

Marilyn F. Clark is a licensed counselor whose work is focused in the field of holistic healing and therapy. She employs Imagination Response Therapies in her counseling practice and she is a Reiki practitioner. Through leading workshops and trainings in music and imagination, mandalas, and spirituality, Marilyn helps women identify their strengths and express their creativity. Her self-care includes storytelling, Tai Chi and yoga, and music-making.

Judith WaldmanJudith Waldman

Judith Waldman is actively leading workshops for women on both coasts of the US. She has had many wonderful years of experience as a psychotherapist, workshop and retreat leader, and national trainer for workshop facilitation. She finds joy in nurturing and empowering women, and finding peace within. Her self-care includes writing, getting plenty of exercise, living close to nature, and finding moments of calm and peace with meditation.